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Hy there! My name is Christina!
English is not my native language so if I mess up anything that's caused pretty much because of that. I just thought to warn you in the begining:D
I'm Arashi's dai fan so I'll post here everything and anything about them what pops into my mind so prepare yourself anyone who happens to find it...
I'm Hungarian but I wish I would live in Japan and I want Aiba-chan to be my boyfriend:) Oh, and right now my biggest wish to get a chance to travel to Japan and of course to go to an Arashi concert... So, till that happens there's nothing other left to me than post silly things here about those adorable and pretty boys:)
Feel free to like, reblog and/or follow me if you found anything interesting here:)
Ja ne! Bye-bye!

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  1. my beloved pair! ^-^ <3

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  3. niefou:

Papa aiba-chan!!
Via twi

&lt;3 cutest pair ever!!!!


    Papa aiba-chan!!

    Via twi

    <3 cutest pair ever!!!!

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  5. cuties ^-^

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  7. awww! papa-Sho, kawaii!!!! ^-^

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    Sakurai Sho (櫻井翔)

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  15. <3

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  17. Why?

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    Sho is so handsome


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